Create an iconic new logo and official merchandise for one of the biggest factions in pro-wrestling

Our challenge was to create an iconic logo for the return of the OGBC. The history of the OGBC originally began at the Japanese promotion NJPW. WWE Superstar Finn Balor aka Prince Devitt founded the group and they rose to fame under the name the “Bullet Club”.

Graphic Design, Art Direction, Brand Strategy


World Wrestling Entertainment Inc.


Custom type design

We worked closely with Finn Balor and the WWE to create a custom type design inspired by the rich history of the group. The result was an iconic logo formed from bold angular lines that signalled a new era for the faction.


Top selling merch

The fans were eager to get their hands on the new tees which have become one of the top selling merchandise on the WWE Shop.


A social success

With the long-awaited reunion of all three original members, the design was embraced and shared on social media by fans worldwide. #OGBC